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Endorsements & Testimonials

Read what people are saying about Kevin.

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"On behalf of VoteVets PAC, and our more than 1.5 million supporters, I wish to congratulate you on your selection to the  VoteVets PAC State and Local Candidates Endorsement Program.  I am honored to support your campaign to serve your fellow citizens of Raleigh, North Carolina as a Municipal Court Judge for District 10D.  We at VoteVets are always so proud to see veterans like you committed to continuing their service after the uniform. "

Ronnie C.

Former Prosecutor

“Voting for Kevin Boxberger is a vote for equality in the criminal justice system. Kevin Boxberger is a phenomenal defense attorney that advocated for all of his clients equally. He was a great opponent in trial. He was always open and honest with prosecutors. As a former prosecutor, I would vote for Kevin Boxberger as judge."

Ben Mallard


"I am proud to recommend Kevin for the position of judge due to his exceptional legal expertise, unwavering commitment to justice, and remarkable integrity.  His dedication to upholding the law and ensuring equal access to justice would undoubtedly make him an outstanding judge."

Kenrick Gray

“Kevin Boxberger and I have known each other now for over 20 years. Together, we served this country honorably in the United States Air Force, and have since gone on to further our careers in our respective professions. Kevin is, and has always been an honest, reliable, and dutiful person and continues to be a model of consistency. I fully trust, admire and support him in his endeavors to be the next elected official.”

Michelle Barnes

“Your background and personality are a perfect match for the qualities and experience sought in a District Court Judge, Kevin. Your presence in the courts reflects a profound command and respect for the law, combined with a sincere dedication to fairness and integrity."

Aryn Banks

"Boxberger is exactly who we need as a judge. A man who has worked along side the diverse population of his constituents."
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